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Biotechnology covers a broad spectrum of scientific application that is applied in many sectors including health and agriculture. It involves the use of living organisms, or its parts in order to deliver innovative methods of production and create new products like new vaccine production to avoid disease attack; genetically modified plants; bacteria having the ability to cleaning up oil spills.

All these features are related to biotechnology that is totally applicable to human health care has a tremendous impact on the necessity of patients and there families as it not only revolves around medicine and diagnostics that are produced employing a biotechnological process but also involves gene and cell therapies, recombinant DNA products, tissue engineered products and controlling environmental pollution.





Industrial Biotechnology is that the application of biotechnology for industrial functions, together with the industrial fermentation. The exploitation of cells like micro-organisms, or elements of cells like enzymes, to get industrially helpful in sectors like chemicals, food and feed, detergents, paper and pulp, textiles and biofuels. Industrial Biotechnology offers a premier forum bridging basic analysis and R&D with later-stage development for property bio-based mostly industrial and environmental applications.

  • Scale fermentation
  • Cell culture technology
  • Solid state fermentation
  • Bio Renewable fuels
  • Advanced microbiology


 Malignancy is an infection caused by adjustments of the genome and also the proteome. Innovation enhancement for sedate revelation alongside advanced bioinformatics programs are basics for ideal growth treatment. Target distinguishing proof and approval show up as key issues, since fitting targets need to coordinate a few attributes: to be protected, to be clinically effectual when focused, to fathom an earlier neglected clinical need and, most importantly, to be effectively available for the medication's activity.


  • Cancer Immunology
  • Gene Therapy
  • Cancer Evolution
  • Cancer Surgery
  • Organ Specific Cancer


Pharmacogenomics is the investigation of how qualities influence a man's reaction to drugs. This moderately new field joins pharmacology and genomics. Genomics alludes to the investigation of the genome interestingly hereditary qualities which alludes to the investigation of qualities and their parts in legacy. It applies recombinant DNA, DNA sequencing strategies, and Bioinformatics to arrangement and structure of genomes.  Pharmacogenomics utilization is as of now very restricted, however, new methodologies are under examination in clinical trials.


  • Drug Targeting and Design
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics


Interdisciplinary Research in these zones centres on understanding the elements of the neural framework, creating drugs for neurological disarranges, and adding to general comprehension of human body advancement. Formative Biology and Genetics are exceedingly interdisciplinary with nearness in all essential medicinal science regions, and in addition creature and plant science.


  • Central nervous system
  • Neuro genetics
  • Neurosurgery and Neural Circuits
  • Neurobiology


Recombinant DNA innovation developed as a reaction to the requirement for particular DNA fragments in sums adequate for biochemical examination. The strategy involves cutting the coveted fragment out of the encompassing DNA and duplicating it a large number of times. The achievement of recombinant DNA innovation, by which microbial cells can be designed to create remote proteins, depends on the unwavering perusing of the relating qualities by bacterial cell apparatus and has powered a large portion of the current advances in present-day atomic science. The part of DNA to be opened up is first embedded into a cloning vector.


  • Modern Molecular Biology
  • cell Machinery
  • DNA Technology
  • Fragment of Clones Human DNA


Biopharmaceuticals include different terms referring to different subsets of therapeutics and it is also part of a broader category of therapeutic agents, it is also called biologics. Advanced in science and medicine have led to new techniques, new medicines and vaccines with far-reaching impact on the health of the global population.


  • Drug Action
  • Drug discovery
  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  • Pharmacoinformatics
  • Antimicrobial activity, disinfection & effectiveness testing
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Future approaches in Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • New trends in Pharmaceutical Microbiology


The objective of manufactured science is both to enhance our quantitative comprehension of common marvel and also to encourage a designing control for acquiring new complex cell practices in an anticipated and solid form. Flow Synthetic and Systems Biology gives a chance to specialists and researcher to investigate the progressed and most recent research improvements in the field of engineered and framework science. 

  • Biological Systems
  • Vaccine design and development
  • Synthetic biology drugs
  • Synthetic Biotechnology


Molecular Biology or Sub-atomic science is the Analysis of sub-atomic bases of the procedures of replication, interpretation, and cell work. Microscopic science concerns the sub-atomic premise of organic action between the biomolecules in different frameworks of a cell, quality sequencing and this incorporates the associations between the DNA, RNA and proteins and their biosynthesis. There are a few qualities that code for bio-flag atoms to trigger the expansion and separation of cells.


  • Genomic approaches to nucleic acid
  • DNA topology
  • DNA metabolism
  • Biomolecules


The term Nano Biotechnology refers to the combination of nanotechnology and biology. The concepts that are enhanced through Nano biology includes Nanoparticle, Nano device, Nano scale phenomena that occur within the discipline of nanotechnology. This approach of biology allows scientists to imagine and create systems that can be used for the biological research. 

  • Gene therapy
  • Nanosystems
  • Target specific drug delivery
  • Lipid nanotechnology 

Enzymes are changeable molecules with a categorical physical chemical configuration. Even a slight change in this organization reduces the activity of enzyme and sometimes the enzyme is totally inactivated. Enzyme technology broadly involves production, isolation, purification. Enzymes are being used and involved in all processes essential for life such as DNA replication, and also typically used as bulk enzymes in the food manufacturing, resulting in cost reductions. Commercially available enzymes used in these areas are amylases, proteases, lipases, celluloses, xylenes and catalases



  • Molecular Enzymology
  • Enzyme assays.


Biomaterials are essential or synthetic materials used in medical field to improve shelf life by either replacing tissue/organ or assisting their function .They are non-viable materials that can be implanted to replace or repair missing tissue. They may be of natural origin or synthesized in laboratory conditions. Bioactive compounds are extra nutritional constituents that typically occur in small quantities in foods. They are being competently studied to appraise their effects on health. These compounds vary widely in chemical structure and function and are grouped accordingly.

  • Nanostructured Biomimetic Materials
  • Bioactive Analogues of Growth Factors


Fermentation technology is associate biochemical activity of organisms. Fermentation is which the living cell is able to achieve energy through the disintegration of glucose and other simple sugar molecules without requiring oxygen and fermentation process is mainly used in industries to produce carbon dioxide from yeast. Fermentation technology is mainly used and involves microorganisms and enzymes for production of compounds.

  • Solid state fermentation
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell disruption
  • Fermentation economics


Marine biotechnology is defined as the application of biotechnology principles in marine resources to derive new cancer treatments for marine organisms. Marine biotechnology has focused largely on marine biomolecules, especially proteins, which may have used in medicine or engineering. Marine environments are home to much exotic biological material that may stimulate biomimetic material.


  • Marine flora and fauna
  • Marine viruses
  • Marine microalgae
  • Microbial bio prospecting in marine environments
  • Marine enzymes
  • Marine microbiology


Natural biotechnology manages the micro biota in the water, air and soil encompassing us; in addition, the gastrointestinal tract that is the outside world inside the living creatures is additionally regularly thought to be a piece of the ecological biotechnologyMicrobiology incorporates various sub-disciplines including virology, parasitology, mycology and bacteriology.

  • Biotreatment
  • Biodegradation
  • Biosensors
  • Pollution treatment
  • Mass transfer



Bioprocess building, additionally biochemical designing, is a specialization of substance building or Biological designing, it manages the plan and advancement of hardware and procedures for the assembling of items, for example, horticulture, sustenance, sustain pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, and polymers and paper from organic materials and treatment of waste water. Bioprocess building may incorporate crafted by mechanical, electrical, and modern designers to apply standards of their controls to forms in light of utilizing living cells or sub-segment of such cells.

  • Bioremediation
  • Conservation and restoration


Organic assets incorporate horticulture, ranger service, and naturally determined waste, and there are numerous other sustainable bio resource illustrations. One of the logical terms used to indicate inexhaustible bio resources is lignocellulose. Lignocellulose tissues are organically determined normal assets containing a portion of the primary constituents of the common world.


  • Bio ethics and bio safety
  • Bio transformation Bioenergy
  • operate bioreactors and fermenters
  • Bioprocess integration


An imperative part of any biotechnological forms is the way of life of creature cells in manufactured media. These creature cells in culture are utilized as a part of recombinant DNA innovation, hereditary controls and in an assortment of modern procedures. The social systems of plant cell, tissue, and organ culture, together with recombinant DNA innovation, may produce hereditary variations and prompt the choice Sand proliferation of wanted mutant cell lines.

  • Asexual and Sexual plant production
  • Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Breeding Enhancements
  • Plant reproduction
  • Animal Reproductive Biotechnology
  • Animal Tissue culture
  • Animal Cell Culture            


The field of Medical Biotechnology is experiencing rapid growth in recent years, leading to the development of several innovative techniques for preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases. Medical Biotechnology is mostly used for research and development of technology that helps to treat and prevent diseases. The Medical Biotechnology field has helped to bring to market Microbial Pesticides, insect resistant crops, and environmental clean up techniques.


  • Genetic diseases
  • Adult stem cell technology
  • Product analysis 
  • Biomarkers
  • Human development and disease biology
  • Gene Therapy
  • Molecular Medicine and Diagnostics
  • Metabolomics
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Biotechnology in diagnostics


       Food Science improves the safety, flavours, colours or creating varieties of existing products and the creation of entirely new products is nothing but Food Science and Technology. Food science and technology is handling to develop and manage the processes by which food is transformed from raw yield to edible goods and then it is purchased by individual consumers. Almost all foods are modified before utilization. Food science and technology are inherently interdisciplinary concept rather than narrow disciplines.

  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Preservation 
  • New Product Development
  • Food and Industrial Microbiology
  • Food Processing and Technology


Biomass got from marine microalgae and macro algae are all inclusive perceived as a wellspring of profitable synthetic constituents. Marine Biotechnology may include techniques such as bioprocessing, bio harvesting, bio prospecting, bioremediationbiochemistrygenetics, and genomics. Marine Biotechnology also helps in cancer treatment, monitoring ocean pollution and also developing new medicines. Marine Biotechnology clearly incorporates enormous social and economic benefits. 


  • Marine flora and fauna
  • Marine viruses
  • Marine microalgae
  • Microbial bio prospecting in marine environments
  • Marine enzymes
  • Marine microbiology


The flow of irresistible infections puts little new-born children too youthful to possibly be inoculated in danger of dreariness and mortality, regularly requiring delayed hospitalization. Inoculation against a scope of bacterial and viral sicknesses is an essential piece of transmittable illness control around the world. Immunization against a particular illness not just decreases the rate of that sickness; it lessens the social and financial weight of the malady on groups.

  • upper and lower respiratory tract infections
  • central nervous system
  • sexually transmitted diseases and diseases of the reproductive tract
  • hepatitis
  • sepsis and shock syndromes


Medicinal services or social allowance is the conservation or change of wellbeing through the counteractive action, conclusion, and treatment of sickness, ailment, damage, and other physical and mental disabilities in individuals. The term social insurance administration or medicinal services organization is characterized as overseeing the elements of a human services association. Medicinal services supervisor’s assignments incorporate giving administration, administration and course to human services units, keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the best conveyance of the accessible social insurance administrations.

Regenerative solution, the latest and rising branch of Medicinal Science, manages useful rebuilding of tissues or organs for the patient experiencing extreme wounds or endless ailment.  Undifferentiated cells or Stem Cells are exceptional cells with a capacity to separate in some other cells of the body. Two kinds of undifferentiated cells found in the body, embryonic and substantial, hold the tremendous restorative potential to repair and recover harmed tissues.

  • Adult Stem Cells
  • Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Stem Cell Biotechnology
  • Tissue Preservation and Bio Banking


General wellbeing Nursing is the act of advancing and ensuring the soundness of populaces utilizing learning from nursing, social, and general wellbeing sciences. The title General Wellbeing Medical Attendant assigns a nursing proficient with an instructive arrangement in general wellbeing and Nursing Science with an essential spotlight on populace level results.


  • Monitor health trends and identify health risk
  • Health Care Programs
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness


Global Health Care Market is the scope of organizations and non-benefit associations that give medicinal administrations, produce therapeutic gear, and create pharmaceuticals. It incorporates the age and commercialization of products and enterprises loaning themselves to keeping up and re-building up wellbeing. The business sectors secured incorporate pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, restorative advances, medicinal imaging, and social insurance IT.